Saturday, April 5, 2008

Full-time nursing program means full-time

When the instructors tell us during orientation that it is a full-time day program, they literally mean full-time. It's a 40 hour week. A job. Between class, reading, studying, labs, clinical and clinical prep time you put in full days. But the teachers seem to relish it that people should only be reading their nursing texts and never relaxing with a book that is not nursing related or watching a film or a television program.

There's also the assumption that we all have enough money to live (in Boston!) without working.

I love this too.

A classmate said to me: I have so much stuff to do all the freakin' time. I remember when I uesed to have so much time for myself.

I replied: Why has it changed? You mean before school started or before you had a child/wife?

He said: Both. It's been a progressive thing.

Oh REALLY. and yes, I'm rolling my eyes right now.

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